RAP Systems HG1+ Issue


Good Afternoon, I have two of your HG1+ devices used to communicate via MODBUS and they suddenly failed despite no changes in set up and power. I attempted to ping the devices but they both do not send any data back. Can you provide support for troubleshooting these devices? Many Thanks, Ahmed Fawy

Determine IP of an already configured HG1


Good Afternoon from Texas USA. I’ve come across an old site that has an older HG1 and I can’t determine what the IP address is on the configured device. I’ve been jumping around a few different IP’s to see if I could detect it with the HG1 Software.  Is there any way to poll the HG1 to find out what …

HG1+ communicating with FCI ST100 Flowmeter


Hi, I am currently attempting to communicate with an FCI ST100 flowmeter using HART through a HG1+. The device is HART 7.3. I can see the device on the network using emmersons instrument inspector but the HG1 will not register it and reports its status as OFFLINE. All other devices on the network are fine.

HG1+ visible as RAP+ and not accessible via software


Good day, I’ve got the HG1+ with serialnumber M801F126D17DC. I lost the connection with the unit and tried to reset the unit to start over. I don’t know what happened but the HG1+ is now visible in the network configuration utility as a RAP+ and doesn’t connect with the HGxView or HG1+ configuration tool. I’ve tried to update the firmware …

HG1+ Flashing run light after configuring


Hi, I have contacted you previously with  similar problem, but this is on a new machine build, with a new gateway device and a new PC. I did try sending a error report using your program but it crashed while trying to retrieve data from the device. Steps I took to get problem: Downloaded & installed the latest tools & …

HG1+ Lockup


Hi Im having trouble with my HG1+ staying connected to the devices and outputing reliably. We have 12 units on 1 site, and were finding that they drop out and not return to functioning order. The RX TX lights do not blink but all is connected and powered correctly. Is there a way to fix this? Regards Michael Gigli   …

HART device reconnection problem after system power recycle


Good day, One of our clients is experiencing a problem with his level transmitter installation. The install consists of a tank equipped with level and temperature transmitter (Rosemount 5302 and Rosemount 248), powered via intrinsic barrier and connected to Rap Systems HG1+ and then to our management system via Modbus. Tanks are powered off the battery that is charged via …