USB Modem PACTWare Connection Issue


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Factory Reset older model HG1’s

How do you factory reset the older v2.1.2 HG1 Intelligent HART Gateways? I’ve tried the method used on the newer models bringing a negative short to the N/C next to the L1 position, but nothing happens. I’ve tried cycling power, leaving it for 2 minutes, but no change.

Flashing Older Model HG1’s V2.1.2 or V3.5.3

Good Morning/Afternoon from Texas USA, we utilize your RAP HG1’s in all of our HART installations and we love them. We’ve been having problems recently with the inability to actually program many of them, even new ones out of the box, we’ve found that only ONE pre created file is actually uploadable and we’ve been manipulating that single file to …

Faulty HG1+


Hi Gents, What is  the latest firmware version for the HG1+? It still shows as 3.5.3 on the website. I have two units both turned to flashing run lights on restarting. Many Thanks Mark.

Hart Gateway no Connection |Error


HI Support Received the HG1+ gateway. The IP is set and I can ping and also use the finder tool to locate the device. I can use the HG1+ configuration tool and add the devices. But when I click the read online, no data is read and I get “NO CONNECTION” message at the left hand bottom. I did try …

Interface Documentation


Hello, we have an HG1+ installed with an Ethernet connection that we are attempting to monitor point through via the local building management system. I’m having trouble finding documentation around point addressing for this application. Would you be able to provide anything that would explain how to troubleshoot this scenario?  

HG1+ Replacement


Hi, I have another ongoing ticket on a issue I had with a couple of HG1s, I have put a post in that ticket but received no response. I would like to request a replacement for the second HG1 unit we have here, as we tried to get it to work previously and had no luck. The machine we need …

HG1+ and POE installation


We bought a few HG1+ HART modems a few years ago for one of our customers to use with our flow meters.  We are a Yokogawa representative in the US, and our customer is using our Yokogawa digitalYEWFLO vortex flow meters for steam flow.  Our customer is finally starting to use them after all this time, they just got the …

HG1+ Intelligent HART Gateway Temperature rating

John Perdikis

Hello I was trying to find the temperature rating for the HG1+. I could not find this in the manual. Could you provide me what the minimum and maximum temperatuire rating of the device?