Rap Tools vs. HG1+ Firmware


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Download for HG1+


Could you please send me a link to download the latest firmware as well as the configuration software for the HG1+ Unit serial: 565FF002 / 565FF004

Configuring E+H FXA42 with 2RAP HG1 and 14x E+H Levelflex FMP51


I was able to configure the IP’s for all equipments (FXA42, first HG1 and second HG1 and make the configuration of the first HG1 (added the first 7 levelflex). Done the exact same procedure for the second HG1 and I cant have connection with live view.

System fails to release live data


Hello,   We can’t see live data from one of two HART gateway bought from you last october.   I’m sending the screen capture as well as the diagnosis backup.   Look forward to your response.   Best regards, Hugo Cardoso

HG1+ user manual


Hello ! Please let me have access to detailed info about using the HG1+ gateway, such as the user manual. I need to integrate two Endress+Hauser flowmeters in SCADA/PLC (Modbus TCP masters); the available outputs are 4-20mA/HART and pulse.

HG1+ Remote COM connection


Hi, I have a HG1+ set up and communicating with two sensors in multi-drop – Hart address 1 & 2, I can read the data from the sensors using modbus, however cannot seem to detect the sensors in pactware over the virtual com port. I have attached the settings file, and screenshots of the settings I am using, and the pactware …

RMC-UHM Loop interface plug


Hi We have been passed a RMC-UHM by Honeywell Analytics in Poole to build into a test system, unfortunately the Loop interface plug does not seem to be with the module could you provide a part number for this connector for we can source a replacement.   Many Thanks Martin Marana Technology Ltd     Martin

HG1+ Connection issues


Hi, I have a HG1+ Ethernet that I am trying to configure – I have managed to configure one of your units previously without any issues, however this new one however is causing a problem. At first it showed up in the Network finder utility, and I could change the IP address from there, however it would not accept any …

HG1+ Function Code 3


We are trying to read Device 0 PV and Device 0 PV unit code. Based on the information below. We can successfully read the Deice 0 PV from address 10 with function code 3, however when we try and read Device 0 PV Unit code from address 2120 the value read is 0. Can you please provide the address numbers …